Introducing Visalus Project 10 Challenge

After helping millions of folks transform themselves with the help of the Body by Vi 90 day Challenge, Visalus believes it has cracked the recipe on what makes most transformations so successful. In early 2013, Visalus introduced Project 10 as part of its already hugely popular and successful Body by Vi Challenge.

Once you lost the 10 pounds, you would then submit a similar video, this time Your “I Lost it” video. All entrants will receive an “I lost it” T-shirt .

In addition, For every contestant that loses 10 pounds, Vi will donate 60 meals to children who are at risk for obesity. The program is called Project 10 Kids. Imagine, bettering your overall health by dropping weight or building muscle, winning a free T-shirt to show the world and Helping an at risk kid?!

Visalus Discovers The Secret

In 2015, Visalus has decided to become the Project 10 Challenge! Visalus discovered that the secret to an amazing transformation is in the first 10 pounds.

Now in 2015, we have taken Project 10 to the next level of fitness! Challenge groups are popping up everywhere we look! Whether it’s a jogging group, a walking group, a weight lifting group or whatever your group prefers, these groups are keeping each other company and accountable. Each group does a body warm-up followed by their exercise of choice and then all will gather around for weigh-ins, for shakes, Nutra cookies or the latest nutritional snack, Vi-bites. These groups are not only fun but the results of people coming together to get healthy and fit are proving to have long lasting results. People want to exercise more frequently when done with sane minded people. Get your group together and get ready to have the most fun ever getting healthy and fit! Who will challenge you AND who will you challenge?

Will you Accept the Challenge?

How To Win

There are two ways to win: Lose 10 pounds and get your “I lost it” T-shirt or build 10 pounds of muscle and get your “I built it” T-shirt. Both ways will help at risk and hungry children with 60 meals.

How Do I Win Project 10?

  • Step 1-Shoot Your “I Want It Video” and submit it
  • Step 2-Lose 10 pounds or Build 10 pounds of lean muscle
  • Step 3-Shoot Your “I Lost It” or “I Built It” video and submit it

How Do I Get Started?

  • Set Yourself A Goal
  • Select A Challenge Kit
  • Enter To Win

Are You Up for the Challenge? Click Here To Accept The Challenge


Jessica’s Project 10 Challenge ‘I Want It’ Video


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  1. I want to know if this product can be given to a preteen? My daughter is 12 and is overweight before I invest in a product that is somewhat costly I need to make sure it is safe.plz reply

    • Absolutely! My kids use the shakes once a day, for good nutrition. My daughter is 10 and my son is 7. Your daughter will love the shakes and the health benefits that come with it, plus the increased confidence of her losing the weight. I would recommend either The Shape kit for her plus the Vi-Pak. She will see increased energy, health weight loss, and increased mental alertness.

    • My whole family drinks the Visalus meal replacement shakes. Ages 12, 13, and 17. My 13yr old is down 7lbs, my 17yr old is down 23lbs, and my 12yr old is up (build) 3lbs. All within 1 month.

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